Merz 3000:
The Future Is Collage!

5 November – 20 December 2014

Bora Akıncıtürk
Deniz Ayral
Özge Enginöz
Buğra Erol
Mustafa Horasan
Seydi Murat Koç
Lara Ögel
Damla Özdemir
Arda Yalkın

Marcus Graf

Merz 3.000 – The Future is Collage
recognizes the power and importance of collage for contemporary art. Showing various artists with different notions of collage, the exhibition discusses its status quo and its meaning for contemporary artists. The title of our exhibition at Plato Sanat is homage to the early collage artist Kurt Schwitters, and his Merzbau (1922 – 1942), an installation-like experimental space that deconstructed the common minimal architectural form of an interior through expressive and cubistic spatial interventions. The exhibition design at Plato Sanat plays tribute to the Merzbau. It also proposes an alternative spatial experience which goes beyond the classic white cube, as it applies formal rules of collage and assemblage to the interior design of the exhibition space. In the end, due to the fragmental structure of the exhibition itself, works, space elements and visitors form one large all-over-collage, where everything is linked with each other, and so becomes one pluralistic universe of ideas, comments, and experiences.