The End!

20 December 2012 - 17 February 2013


Dilek Gökçen Açay
Alpin Arda Bağcık
Egemen Bostancı
Buğra Erol
Volkan Kızıltunç


Marcus Graf

The End. is an exhibition, which plays with the idea of the end of the world, and raises the question of how the last exhibition on earth would look like? Would it be full of beautiful reminiscences of the past, where everything is supposed to have been better? Or would it be a reflection of the economic, ecologic, social and political crisis that we live with, the last moments of the disastrous state of our existence? Would it be a beautiful world or an ugly hell? Would it present shining and colourful dreams or horrible, pale and grey nightmares? Would its exhibition design be neat, and linear in the usual manner of the white cube, or would it be scattered and fragmented, a salon of horror, where no causality and order can be found? Would it be a last utopic scream for help or a pessimistic resignation in the face of the final dystopia?

The End. presents five artists who are not afraid to review in their works the dark side of the soul or the often covered side of society. Discussing matters like destruction, depression and dystopia the artists show what it is to live in a world, where dictators became pop stars, pollution and toxic waste became its natural state, utopia became a whisper in the desert, and a cold emptiness prevails the inner and outer environment of the last survivors. The End. aims not at foreseeing the future or being a visionary mirror for any endings of our world, which are declared every now and then. It rather presents a review of and comment on the current world we live in.