Simulation Crisis

22 Şubat - 8 Nisan 2012

Kerem Ozan Bayraktar
Orhun Erdenli

Marcus Graf
Plato Sanat opened with Simulation Crisis (Bayraktar, Erdenli) exhibition for 2012. The show presents works of the contemporary artists Kerem Ozan Bayraktar and Orhun Erdenli. Using different media like photography, video, painting and sculpture, the artists will exhibit pieces that review the current state of society by discussing its believe in images, which often are based on simulated realities.
: Simulation Crisis (Bayraktar, Erdenli) is the first exhibition in a series of shows called Positions, where Plato Sanat will present contemporary artists, which form important aesthetical and conceptual positions within our local art scene.

In Simulation Crisis (Bayraktar, Erdenli), Ozan Kerem Bayraktar exhibits photo and video works that aim at reviewing our world from an alternative angle using illusion and simulation. His pieces contain multiple references, where he draws connections to various layers of our first and second realities. Orhun Erdenli exhibits large photorealistic paintings and a series of machine-like objects that are built according to the aesthetic of Steam Punk. In both, his paintings and objects, the artist questions postmodern man’s need for believe, hope and simulation, where we all try to give meaning to the disastrous state of our existence.