The Knowledge Series 3: Recollection

28 September - 20 November 2011

Artists :
Genco Gülan
Özlem Sulak

Marcus Graf

The Knowledge Series 3: Recollection is the last part in an exhibition triptych at Plato Art Space, which discusses art’s relationship with the production, mediation and recollection of knowledge.

The Knowledge Series 3: Recollection focuses on the communication, distribution and transformation of knowledge. The exhibition circles around issues like personal and cultural memory, subjective and objective reminiscence as well as private and public history. As we are permanently overfilled by all kinds of textual and visual information, the understanding of the creation and distribution of knowledge is of great importance for us. The artists prove that it is possible to overcome the classic methods of recollecting knowledge and get beyond the borders of the models that shape our popularised social and cultural memory. For supporting this conceptual goal, The Knowledge Series 3 proposes an alternative exhibition structure as it has a process-orientated character that accepts change as one of its fundamental parameters. It gives the opportunity to see the works from the two previous exhibitions in the form of an archive. By acting so, it formally and conceptually reacts to the production, mediation and recollection of knowledge, which always adjusts itself to the flux of life, where nothing gets lost, but everything gets transformed.