The Knowledge Series 2: Mediation

22 June - 14 September 2011

Jenny Eichler
Engin Gerçek
Ardan Özmenoğlu

Marcus Graf
The Knowledge Series 2: Mediation is the second exhibition in a series of three at Plato Sanat, which discuss the relationship between art and the production, mediation and (re-)collection of knowledge. After our first show that discussed art as an alternative to the traditional way for gaining insight in our world, The Knowledge Series 2: Mediation focuses on the distribution and transformation of knowledge.
The artists of The Knowledge Series 2: Mediation show alternative strategies for sharing their thoughts about the world. Engin Gerçek reveals, in his between documentary and fiction shifting photo series Gentlemen of Gentrification, domestic realities behind apartment walls in Kuştepe that discuss various layers of reality and the clichés we have about it. Ardan Özmenoğlu’s works in the exhibition deconstruct cultural memory, political promises and communication methods used on the streets of Istanbul. Jenny Eichler transfers knowledge of traditional craft to the production of contemporary art works, which through the use of imitation and kitsch form a critical analysis of cultural behaviours. Atılkunst uses guerrilla tactics for reaching its audience and proposes production as well as exhibiting techniques for being able to create art independently.