The Knowledge Series 1: Production

27 April - 6 June 2011

Erdem Ergaz
Matthias Maenner
Sümer Sayın
Greg Wolff

Marcus Graf

The Knowledge Series No. 1: Production is the first exhibition in a series of three at Plato Art Space, which discuss the relationship between art and the production, mediation and (re-)collection of knowledge. The Knowledge Series’ exhibition structure and design is process-orientated. With this project, Plato Art Space proposes an alternative exhibition model to the common practice: the last day of one exhibition will be the opening of the following one. Consequently, as the finissages and vernissages are on the same day, the construction and production processes of the exhibitions will be visible.
The exhibition also reacts to the formal and conceptual contexts resulting from its integration in Plato College of Higher Education. The students walk through Plato Art Space gallery hundreds of times, spend time there, hence visiting an art exhibition becomes an everyday matter for them. Art can be an alternative instrument for reviewing the world, where the exhibition space can function as a kind of open laboratory.