Web Biennial

20 January - 20 March 2011

Immo Blaese
Magda Bielesz
Alan Bigelow
Andrew Chee
Martin John Callanan
Andy Deck
Dimitrios Fotiou
Matthias Fritsch
Genco Gülan
Ellie Harrison
Sachiko Hayashi
Anni Holm
Aonghus Kneeshaw
Carderelli Luigia
Marcello Mercado
Alexander Mouton
Christian Rupp
Evelyn Stermitz
Jürgen Trautwein
Merve Ünsal
Nanette Wylde
Jody Zellen
Ricardo Miranda Zuniga

Web Biennial Founder:
Genco Gülan


Marcus Graf

Regeneration is a process closely connected to renewal and rebirth as well as the regrow of lost or damaged parts of a system. In our exhibition, it refers to the translocation of Net Art works from the virtual space of the Web Biennial to the real one of Plato Sanat. Regeneration.011 presents local and international artists from four Web Biennials ( since 2003. The exhibition deals with freedom of speech and anti-war activism as well as personal stories in order to reveal the social-political engagement and the poetical sides of contemporary net art. Like our cultural and social evolution, art exists in a state of a permanent flux, where the change of topics, concepts, forms and strategies is faster everyday. For the last ten years, digital art and especially net based art became an important field within the art world. Regeneration.011 creates a powerful impact on the senses of the visitors in order to present Net Art being embedded in a social experience of the visitor of the exhibition. As all pieces are live online and therefore streamed in real-time, the spectator is directly integrated in the creation of the exhibition’s digital works in cyber-space.