Postcapital Archive  1989-2001

21 April – 27 June 2010

Daniel Garcia Andujar

Başak Şenova

Plato Sanat opened its doors to audience with Daniel García Andújar’s project Postcapital.Archive 1989-2001, on April 21, 2010. The project functions as a multimedia installation and open databank which is based on a digital archive of over 250,000 documents such as texts, audio files, and videos from the Internet compiled by the artist over the past ten years. Postcapital addresses social, political, economic, and cultural worldwide changes over the last two decades in between two important moments as 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall and the attacks on September 11, 2001. Postcapital is an attempt at reading the complex and divergent realities of the 21st century by virtue of their forms of representation. The project explores both the transformations of capitalist societies and the shifting of their urban loci of power. Postcapital alludes less to the utopias of a vanquished capitalism than to those upheavals affecting all areas of life that are both spawned and exacted by the networked age of information. In view of contemporary information and storage media, knowledge is, according to the artist’s theory, no longer acquired by visiting archives but rather through life in the networked archives. Thus, an essential role is inherent in the interpretation of information. In this sense, Postcapital is an open model for traversing archives, as metaphorical as it is practical and implementable.

Postcapital Archive 1989-2001 is curated by Başak Şenova and accompanied by a series of talks and a reader published by Plato College of Higher Education.