Contemporary Syrian Painting from the Kaleemat Collection


Akrem Zave

Alaa Sharabi

Hani Mazhar

Ibrahim Brimo

Iman Hasbani

Sbhan Adam

Mohammad Zaza

Ruba Khwes

Zain Alahmad

Ibrahim Alhasoun

Khayyam Zedan

Rouba Hamzeh

Tammam Azam

Marcus Graf

Asistant Curator:
Melike Bayık

      A Place Close By Contemporary Syrian Painting from the Kaleemat Collection presents a selection of paintings of contemporary Syrian artists from the Kaleemat Collection. Established in the early 1990’s, the Kaleemat Collection is an extensive assemble of more than 2500 works by many artist from Middle East. Although focusing on painting, the collection hosts artists of various disciplines. At Plato Sanat, artists give insight in the collection as well as a glimpse into the rich world of Syrian contemporary painting.


      Going through massive changes which are caused by terrible crises that have led to outbreaks of terrorism and war, Syria is far more complex than the headlinesin the news can tell. It has not only a rich and important history, but also a strong contemporary art scene. A Place Close By Contemporary Syrian Painting from the Kaleemat Collection reflects on the state of today’s Syrian painting by bringing together artists from different generations, and different styles. The show at Plato Sanat deliberately focuses on expressive figuration as well as lyrical and organic abstraction. Its conceptual framework is characterized by paintings that deal with tragedy, destruction, and violence as well as hope, beauty and love.In this sense, the exhibition critically reviews the many-faceted state of painting in a country tormented by war.


Notes by Adnan Alahmad:

Syrian Contemporary Art is one of the most admiring expressions of the relation between nature, life, culture and society. The accumulation of culture and civilization created by one of the earliest civilizations in history forms the basis of this expression and gives the artist the competence and perceptual perspective necessary to produce such impressive works of art. Syrian Contemporary Art directly reflects not only the Arab world but also the intellectual and cultural development of the international art community. In that sense, the increasing activity of Syrian artists and artifacts in international art events and in important art centers such as New York, Paris, Rome confirms this link.Today, it is possible to find some of the works of artists such as Fatih Modares, Loay Kaialy, Adham Ismail, Marwan Kassab-Bashi, Asad Orabi, Saad Yagan, Nizar Sabour and Sabhan Adam at the world’s most important museums.