Sweet Little Lies

10 May - 30 June 2018

Mert Acar
Ozan Atalan
Zeynep Beler
Elif Biradlı
Tutku Bulutbeyaz
Antonio Cosentino
Yunus Emre Erdoğan
Ekin Saçlıoğlu
Sergen Şehitoğlu
Berkay Tuncay
Egemen Tuncer
Berkay Yahya

Marcus Graf

Assistant Curator:
Melike Bayık

Sweet Little Lies is a show about the state of our visual culture and the way contemporary art reacts to it. Basing a great amount of our knowledge on visual information taken from media-reality, we trust and believe in images. Indeed, we perceive the world through artificial lenses. Images are everywhere, as everyone is involved in the formation of our visual culture. So, how is this situation influencing artists who are creating images as well? How can their works differ from all the other pictures?

All images around us are basically fictional. In this sense, no visual tells the truth, which in the end makes them telling lies. Plato Sanat’s current exhibition is about these lies. It deals with showing and not-showing, representing and not-representing the world. Nevertheless, as also art is always a creation, a design and a set-up of thoughts expressed through aesthetics, it is fictional. Therefore, also art is telling lies. Though art’s lies differ from the ones of the image-making-industry. Although artists refer to given realities, and even simulate them or reproduce them, they expose the fictionality of their work.

Sweet Little Lies therefore refers to the connections between truth and lie as well as between authenticity and reproduction in the contexts of art and life’s interrelationships. Different from the usual images surrounding us, the ones that claim to be real and accurate, the pieces at Plato Sanat reveal their fictional being without any hesitation. Just like Berthold Brecht’s notion of alienation, the artworks present, question and distort reality at the same time. Things that we ought to know and understand become strange through conceptuality and artificiality. City models out of food-cans, drawings and digital works that look like photos, photo portraits that promise to show identity, videos that claim to mirror reality, objects that look like meat-plants, empty billboards, known images and words that create new meaning, and visuals of the world that seem fake or that are not even available anymore form a weird kaleidoscope of reality constructions, in which the spectator has the chance to question his insight in the world. From thought to translation, from vision to lie, from concept to illusion, Sweet Little Lies is a dark, sometimes bitter, and sarcastic, as well as critical and ironical show that discusses the interrelation of lies and truth in the age of visual bombardment and post-truth, where visual lies feed society’s need for comfort and happiness.